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This MP mod for Source is currently in alpha development.


The Fall of Saigon mod is for Half-Life 2's Source engine. It was created in the fall of 2009 by gamers and is working toward its first Alpha release.

Fall of Saigon (FoS) is a Half-Life 2 (HL2) modification that is based on the Vietnam War. The inspiration for this mod came from the Half-Life mod called Tour of Duty (ToD). This mod had a great community and had some great aspects that no other Vietnam War game has captured. FoS looks to recreate the feeling and experience of ToD. Using Source allows us too create an even better gaming experience.

FoS will start off as a multiplayer game and expand from there. It will have a basic multiplayer experience that has the necessary parts. The first version will be simple and introduce a few maps, weapons, and perhaps just one style of gameplay (Command Point). This was the style most common in ToD. Later versions will contain new maps, weapons, models and perhaps more gameplay styles and even new features. After the multiplayer is satisfactory the single player campaign can be worked on. The campaign will follow the events of the Vietnam War. The goal of the mod is to produce a life like, true to the era and place, and community inspired mod.


Fall of Saigon maps and the mod will also keep match play in mind, and be designed for some great 5vs5 league play. Many maps will be based on real locations and battles such as Hamburger Hill, Khe Sanh, the Mekong Delta, Saigon's US Embassy and other key areas. Mod team members have interviewed several Vietnam War veterans. While the scale of the Source engine would make it impossible to recreate the exact battlefields of Khe Sanh, we can use the real site for inspiration. One of the veterans we interviewed was a US Marine who was at Khe Sanh. Another vet served in a Combat Engineering division in the Central Highlands area. Finally another veteran we talked with served in the Mekong Delta area. See some of the interviews in the FoS forums. The mod will try to reflect the input of these vets as well as other research to make the mod as realistic as possible yet maintaining that this is just a game and is meant to be fun.

  • Limited HUD info
  • Player classes based on real loadouts
  • Accurate Vietnam War era weapons
  • Interviewed 3 Vietnam Vets so far (and counting) for accuracy

Several maps are being finished including Da Nang, Temple and Reaper. Da Nang recently got an all new more fitting skybox. It is a city map set in Da Nang where a major US airbase was located. It is set in a rainstorm. Reaper is set in the rice patty's on a warm summer day. Temple is a jungle ruins map.

Early alpha testing has stalled due to some rigging issues. With a small mod team we just don't have anyone who can figure out our error. Most of the player models are done, just waiting to get one fully functional to do the remaining ones for our first full alpha test.

We may be one of the last released Source mods but all the maps feature all custom textures and map models. So the experience will be about as breathtaking as the Source engine will allow.

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