Escape from City 17

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Plot Summary

Escape from City 17 - The two main characters of Part One: a pair of Lambda Resistance members.

Escape from City 17 is a short film directed by the Purchase Brothers, and was based on Half-Life 2: Episode One. The movie occurs during the Citadel's meltdown, and follows two Lambda Resistance members through a trainyard in an attempt to escape before the Citadel's self-destruction.


The film (both part 1 and the currently unreleased part 2) were created with a budget of $500. Most or all of the film's sound effects were created using the Source SDK's resources. There are also animated 3D models within the movie which are assumed to be from the Source SDK or at the very least based upon Source SDK resources. From this, it can be said that the Purchase Brothers' film is an example of how SDK resources can extend beyond typical game development, though terms of use should be examined very carefully before doing so.

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