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Here is a experimental page list of entities paramaters, inputs and outputs.
- Most of these parameters would not work, but exist on entity.
- You can find entity parameters, which not found normally from Hammer World Editor.

These are huge files to display on Wiki, so it is better look from Github page.

There are lists from few games. CSGO, CSS, HL2MP, TF2, L4D, L4D2, FOF, ZPS.
- In Github, navigate folders so you find file called listclassnameoutputs.kv
These are text files in KeyValues structure. In Github, click file and next click View raw so you can read. This is list from CSGO game.

What you are looking for, is parameters names at end of each lines. Ignore first names, you can't use those in Hammer Editor.

Point tesla m bOn.png
Point tesla OnUser1.png
Point tesla DoSpark.png

"point_tesla" { "keys" { "m_SourceEntityName" "m_SourceEntityName" "m_SoundName (String)" "m_SoundName" "m_iszSpriteName (String)" "texture" "m_Color" "m_Color" "m_flRadius" "m_flRadius" "m_flThickness" "thick_max" "m_flTimeVisible" "lifetime_max" "m_flArcInterval" "interval_max" "m_NumBeams" "beamcount_max" "m_bOn" "m_bOn" ... skipped most parameters } "inputs" { "InputTurnOn" "TurnOn" "InputTurnOff" "TurnOff" "InputDoSpark" "DoSpark" "m_iInitialTeamNum" "TeamNum" "InputSetTeam" "SetTeam" "InputKill" "Kill" ... skipped most parameters "InputAddOutput" "AddOutput" "InputFireUser1" "FireUser1" "InputFireUser2" "FireUser2" "InputFireUser3" "FireUser3" "InputFireUser4" "FireUser4" } "outputs" { "m_OnUser1" "OnUser1" "m_OnUser2" "OnUser2" "m_OnUser3" "OnUser3" "m_OnUser4" "OnUser4" } }

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