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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Elements, is a Total Conversion RPG.


Intro: Elements tells the legend of the Stones of Zyrum, a mythical god who used the stones to control the elements of the world: Lightning, Fire, Water, Earth, Ice, Wind, and Life.

The Legend: According to the legend, the brother of Zyrum, Angar, became jealous and tried to steal the stones. Zyrum caught Angar in the act and a fight broke out between the two brothers. In the fight, the stones were knocked out of the sky and fell to the earth. For thousands of years, the stones were believed to be lost, but legend says that one day they shall be discovered by seven chosen mortals who will use the power of each stone to defeat the powers of Angar.

Background: The earth in which our story takes place has five countries spanning three continents. These countries are: Gondolin, Ezra, Scythelin, Rithlin, and Ronith. Our story takes place 17 years after the Gondolian War. In this war, Scythelin invaded Gondolin. Ronith came to support Gondolin and took over the northeast part of Scythelin. They gave the land to some local people there who helped them fight the battle and they formed Rithlin. In this war fought a few of our principal characters. Elwon Blakely, Tybalt Cannon(the father of our main character), General Chin Dragonsoul(then Captain Dragonsoul), King Brennan(then a prince), President McWell(not yet president), King Lobe, and Thomas Dukeshire(he didn’t actually fight, but he was there). In this war, Tybalt Cannon was killed, leaving his wife and two-year-old son, Joshua, behind.


Realtime Weather
With the addition of Realtime Weather, storms can come and go, the world can be cloudy, or sunny this adds a very realistic sense to the game, which allows for more in-depth gameplay.

Quest System
A quest system that allows you to accept or decline side quests.

Battle System
More info on the original gameplay of the battlesystem coming soon...

More Coming Soon


Coming Soon...


Michael "Gameexpertmaster" Kramer - Project Lead / Lead Programmer / Texture Artist / 3d Modeler / Level Designer / Story Writer / Animator / Composer

James Gelter - Lead Composer / Story Development

Gary Hansen - Direction / Cinematography / Story Development

Justin Lamb - Lead Animator

Aaron "ts2do" Schiff - Programmer

Help Wanted

We are currently seeking skilled people for the following positions:

Character Modeler - Needs to be able to model organic based objects creatures/characters.

World Modeler - Needs to be able to model architectural objects, (i.e... basic props, barrels, chests, swords, axes, etc...)

Texture Artist - Needs to be able to create high quality textures, knowing howto UV map is not needed, but helpful

Mappers - Need to be able to create detailed maps. Maps can be from outside environments to cities and towns. Knowing FacePoser and howto setup choreographed scenes would be helpful, but is not needed.

Animator - Needs to be able to create high quality animations.

If you would like to join our team, please email me at:

mailto:[email protected]

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