Dynamic Viewmodel FOVs

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This is a very simple copy-and-paste tutorial for setting a weapon's viewmodel FOV in it's script. Lets get started!

Add this to weapon_parse.h in the shared gamefolder:

	float m_flViewModelFOV; // Dynamic Viewmodel FOV

Put this under:

	char szAmmo2[MAX_WEAPON_AMMO_NAME]; // "secondary" ammo type

Next Add this string to weapon_parse.cpp in FileWeaponInfo_t::Parse:

	m_flViewModelFOV = pKeyValuesData->GetFloat("ViewModelFOV", 54.0f);

and then change ClientModeShared::GetViewModelFOV in clientmode_shared.cpp to say:

ConVar r_viewmodelfov("r_viewmodelfov", "0", FCVAR_CHEAT);

float ClientModeShared::GetViewModelFOV(void)
	float flFov = 90.0f;

	if (r_viewmodelfov.GetFloat() > 0)
		return r_viewmodelfov.GetFloat();

	CBasePlayer *pPlayer = CBasePlayer::GetLocalPlayer();

	if (!pPlayer)
		return flFov;

	C_BaseCombatWeapon *pWpn = pPlayer->GetActiveWeapon();

	if (pWpn)
		flFov = pWpn->GetWpnData().m_flViewModelFOV;

	return flFov;

Now, due to this, the command "viewmodel_fov" will no longer work, but you will be able to set the FOVs of weapons in their script file! Just add:

    "ViewModelFOV"      "NaN"

To the weaponscript file and replace NaN with your FOV or choice. If it doesn't find the ViewModelFOV string in the weaponscript file, it will assume the FOV is 54.

Tip: CS:S weapons normaly look good with an FOV of 74, and HL2 weapons normaly look good with an FOV of 54.