Dynamic Viewmodel FOVs

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This is a very simple copy-and-paste tutorial for setting a weapon's viewmodel FOV in it's script. Lets get started!

Add this to weapon_parse.h in the shared gamefolder:

	float m_flViewModelFOV; // Dynamic Viewmodel FOV

Put this under:

	char szAmmo2[MAX_WEAPON_AMMO_NAME]; // "secondary" ammo type

Next Add this string to weapon_parse.cpp in FileWeaponInfo_t::Parse:

	m_flViewModelFOV = pKeyValuesData->GetFloat("ViewModelFOV", 54.0f);

and then change ClientModeShared::GetViewModelFOV in clientmode_shared.cpp to say:

ConVar r_viewmodelfov("r_viewmodelfov", "0", FCVAR_CHEAT);

float ClientModeShared::GetViewModelFOV(void)
	float flFov = 90.0f;

	if (r_viewmodelfov.GetFloat() > 0)
		return r_viewmodelfov.GetFloat();

	CBasePlayer *pPlayer = CBasePlayer::GetLocalPlayer();

	if (!pPlayer)
		return flFov;

	C_BaseCombatWeapon *pWpn = pPlayer->GetActiveWeapon();

	if (pWpn)
		flFov = pWpn->GetWpnData().m_flViewModelFOV;

	return flFov;

Now, due to this, the command "viewmodel_fov" will no longer work, but you will be able to set the FOVs of weapons in their script file! Just add:

    "ViewModelFOV"      "NaN"

To the weaponscript file and replace NaN with your FOV or choice. If it doesn't find the ViewModelFOV string in the weaponscript file, it will assume the FOV is 54.

Tip.png Tip:  CS:S weapons normaly look good with an FOV of 74, and HL2 weapons normaly look good with an FOV of 54.