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January 2024


List of codes used in formatting tooltips.

Code Output Example Input Example Output
+ Shows a + followed by the value. +$str + 50 Strength
: Shows the value after the colon. HEALTH BONUS: HEALTH BONUS: 200
% Shows the value followed by a %. %$mana_regen: Mana Regeneration: 30%

There are also variables for different value descriptions. Used for localization.

Code Output
$health Health
$health Mana
$armor Armor
$damage Damage
$str Strength
$int Intellect
$agi Agility
$all All Attributes
$attack Attack Speed
$hp_regen HP Regeneration
$mana_regen Mana Regeneration
$move_speed Movement Speed
$evasion Evasion
$spell_resist Spell Resistance
$selected_attribute Selected Attribute

To create a new key ( like $name ) just add an entry in your localization file

"dota_ability_variable_name"		"Name"