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dod_score_ent is a point entity available in Day of Defeat Day of Defeat. This entity is used to give points to the winning team at the end of the round. This entity is triggered to end a round and reset everything for the next round.

Warning.pngRisk of Confusion:Not to be confused with the Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source entity dod_scoring, which can occur at any time, not just the end of a round.

Key Values


Name (targetname) <targetname>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
For Team (team) <choices>
The team that the points will be awarded.
Value Description
0 Both
1 Axis
2 Allies
Points (score_points) <integer>
The number of points awarded, usually at the end of a round.
Reset Items Time (0 equals none) (score_resetitemtime) <integer>
Time delay before entities are reset.
Reset Players Time (0 equals none) (score_reseplayerstime) <integer>
Time delay before players are reset.
Reset Group (blank for all) (noise) <string>
Leave blank to reset all objective groups.
End game? (noise2) <choices>
If option is on "Yes" Then the map will end and the next map will load. Use this option with score_nextmap to load a particular map next, otherwise the next map on the servers map rotation list will load. The use of this option is not recommended.
Value Description
0 Yes
1 No
Message (message) <string>
Enter a message to be displayed at the end of the round.
Move to Next Map (score_nextmap) <string>
Put the name of the next map you what to play after ending this map. If this is used then just one round of the map will be played before moving on to the next map. The use of this option is not recommended.
Change level delay (0 equals none) (score_nextmapdelay) <integer>
Delay before the next map is loaded.