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Creating the main map area

An overview map of dod_donner, showing the inter-connecting routes available to players.

Day of Defeat: Source's gameplay is based around out-manoeuvring opponents by moving to a position where they are not aware of your presence, cannot attack you, or are less suited to combat than you (e.g. Assault class down a long alley) - ideally all three. For this reason, a good DOD Source map will provide:

  • A mixture of:
    • Small areas with many corners (e.g. interiors, ruins)
    • Open areas with cover (e.g. ruined street)
    • Open areas without cover (e.g. clean street, field)
  • A large number of inter-connecting paths
    • Each area should be approachable from at least two directions
    • The number of exits (including windows etc.) in an area should be balanced against the number of entrances
  • Suitable line-of-fire lanes for supporting classes
    • MGs
    • Snipers
    • Bazookas?

Spend some time studying the official maps and you will begin to understand how they are constructed, and how they achieve these goals. For instance, there is always one or more paths which are largely in interior locations, and there is always at least one 'direct' path in the open, and there are usually several other paths that shade in between.

Books could and have been written on map design, and this is no place to start another. Study others' maps and play the game to get a deeper understanding of its mechanics, and your designs will steadily improve.