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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


      • June 2009: This mod is currently inactive.


Somewhere in Utah

Critical Mass is a single player/CO-OP Source mod. The story line follows a 4 man team of soldiers, in a future of fantastic technological development. In single-player mode, the role of Major Logan Bowes will be assumed by the player. In four-player coop mode, the players assume the roles of the 4 team members. This mod has no storyline connection to that of the Half-Life franchise, or any Valve product. The story is rich and polished, having been developed since 2000.


Storytelling is paramount, so any resources not available in any existing .gcf in order to tell the story will be created for the mod. The HUD screen elements will be very minimal, to reduce distraction from the storyline. Features will include:

  • All new, beautiful environments
  • Original storyline
  • Custom weapons
  • Custom "HUD"
  • Co-Op mode
  • "Special abilities"


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  • For more visit the official site or the ModDB profile.

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The mod started in the year 2000(for Goldsource at the time). An entire short novel was written years ago and has undergone polishing ever since. Once the story was established, a version was adapted for a video game. Production resumed in November of 2008, and was suspended January of 2009. All work is backed up and eventual resumption is intended. The official website has more history information in the 'Story' section.



There is currently no recruitment effort, since the mod is dormant. If you're looking for a source project to join, E-mail [email protected] and ask about the private mod project underway.