Crate Versus Barrel

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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Crate VS Barrel is a simple team-oriented mod designed as an example of mod construction. The full source code (models, maps, textures, code) will be released on completion.


  • Team-oriented combat
  • More "fun" oriented combat like TFC
  • Crate and Barrel motif in weapons, skins and design
  • Open source
  • Documented development process to be released on completion via a book (that's really late)


As all game players know, most every game world is populated with huge numbers of crates and barrels. Most people think this is simply because game developers can't think of new things to add to their maps, but this is far from the truth.

In fact, there are two mega-global industrial giants who are in stiff competition to dominate the virtual game world with their props: Crates Incorporated, makers of all crates that exist in all games ever made, and Barrels International, creators of barrels for games world wide (including the exploding types). Each wants to eliminate the other so that only their products are present in game maps, and no others. Their methods have moved beyond simple industrial sabotage, and advanced to complete warfare, as each tries to destroy the factories and factory output of the other.



A gallery of various pictures from the mod's design and development.

Concept sketches

Game and development shots


  • Yet one more movie. This one's got a better view of the rocket launcher, reload sequences, etc. The weapon is derived from the standard RPG, with a new view and world model plus missile models. There is also a "barrel" version of the same weapon. Cool music too :^ )
  • This Crate VS Barrel intro video replaces the standard "Valve head guy" video. My bet is that the falling bomb sound at the start will become very irritating pretty fast, so it may have to go or at least get toned down!
  • A older short movie showing the CVB missile launcher being fired.


  • A short musical clip done entirely with standard HL2 sounds, including wood and metal impacts plus a Combine Wall movement sound. A friend told me it reminded him of a musical group named STOMP. Take a look at some of their stuff (or rather listen to it) at


This mod is being generated as part of a documentation process on how to create a simple Half-Life 2 mod. When completed, all documentation on how it was created, along with it's full source code will be released. This is being done as part of a book on Half-Life 2 Source modding to be published some time in 2007 by Paraglyph Press.