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Counter-Strike Level Creation

The Escape scenario was introduced in beta6. The Terrorist team spawns inside of a fortified location, and must escape to one of a few escape zones. The Counter-terrorist team must intervene and kill the Terrorist team before a certain percentage of the Terrorist team reaches the escape zones. The Terrorists will not be able to purchase any firearms. There will be an armoury, armoury_entity, somewhere in the map. The Terrorist team will have to choose whether or not to break into it, or to just make a run for the escape zones.

The rules are very freeform, so you can let your imagination run wild. If the percent of the Terrorist team reaches the escape zones, they win the round. If the Counter-Terrorist team kills more than x% of the Terrorist team before they reach the escape zones, they win the round.

Make sure:

  • Your map must have one to three escape zones.
  • Your map must contain an armoury.
  • Your map must not have any entities from other modes of play in it, ie hostage_entitys.
  • Your map must have the prefix Es_. Example: Es_trinity.