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Counter-Strike Level Creation

Defusion (also known as c4 bombing) was introduced with beta4 of Counter-Strike Counter-Strike. The scenario is one of the most popular and is host to many of the most played CS maps.

A Terrorist starts out with a bomb. He is to place it at a specified location in the map (info_bomb_target). If the bomb explodes on the target, the T's win. If the CT's defuse it in time, they win. CT's can also buy kits which will hasten the rate at which they can defuse.

Make sure:

  • Place two bomb target entities in your map. These are where you want the T's to place the bomb at.
  • Your explosion is nice and dramatic, please use this tutorial as a reference for how to blow things up!
  • The two bomb targets should be in a central location, somewhere between the CT and T spawn areas. Placing them too near the T or CT spawns may be unbalanced.
  • You must make the bomb targets stand out, place a decal on the target. Directions for applying the decal: [Select the "Apply decals" tool in your toolbar (looks like a little explosion) and the "Selection tool". Next, select the "{TARGET" or "{TARGET2" decals from the texture browser. Now just select the surface of your choice in the 3D preview and you'll get your decal.]
  • Strategically place the bomb target. Don't put it in an area that is easy to camp in. And make the distance between the two points no more than a 10-15 second walk from each other.
  • Submitted maps must be named in the form of de_mapname, in order to differentiate between hostage rescue maps.