Counter-Strike/Level Design/Assassination Scenario

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Counter-Strike Level Creation

The Assassination scenario was introduced for beta6, and works as follows: One player on the Counter-terrorist team acts as a VIP. With the protection of the Counter-terrorist team, he must reach a predefined goal without dying. The Terrorist team must kill him before he reaches the goal. Some ideas that are on the table for this scenario are vehicles/trains that drive the VIP to the escape zone while the Terrorists try to pick him off. If the VIP player makes it safely to one of the escape zones, the Counter-Terrorists win the round. If the Terrorists kill the VIP, they win the round. If the time runs out, the round is called a draw. Both teams will be limited to what guns they can buy (ie. T's can't buy MP5s, CTs can't buy AWPs).

Your map should be similar to a TFC hunted map in architecture. Have the Terrorists spawn not all in one group, spread them out. Also, construct elevated sniper roosts where the T's will spawn. The T's will all be in hiding spots and roosts that a typical Assassin would be in (ready and waiting with his AWP to pick off that VIP). You'll want to make your map with plenty of open space. Remember, most Assassins will be snipers, so give them plenty of roosts and spots great for sniping. Maps should be relatively linear, with the VIP having to get from one end to the other. However, make sure you have alternate routes, (more than one, perhaps 2 routes)

Make sure:

  • Your map must have Terrorist spawns that are sniper roosts and hiding spots.
  • CTs should have 13 spawns, T's should have 10 spawns
  • Your map must have more than 1 route to the escapezone, vary it.
  • Your map must have open spaces suitable for sniping.
  • Your map must have at least one escape zone, preferably 2
  • Your map should be similar to TFC-hunted maps, but the gameplay is not all that similar.
  • Your map must not have any entities from other modes of play in it, ie hostage_entitys.
  • Your map should be fairly linear, but with a few different routes.
  • Your map should have a car or helicopter or something to denote escapezones.
  • Your map must have the prefix As_. Example: As_Oilrig