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This MP mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Conflict Theory was a mod attempt that was planned to feature a story that was going to span from video game to comic book. The levels would all exist in the same world, which means you should have been able to figure out where one level would take place versus the last level played. Three distict locals were planned in the world: A desolate iron jungle, a utopian city and a ghetto.

Planned features

  • All new weapons.
  • All new storyline that would not be a part of the Half-Life series.
  • All new graphics with new textures, models, levels, characters and more.



This mod was intended to be a graduation project for December 2006. It had been in the making for three years, most of it being in concept only. It seem to have died due to a lack of programmers. ("As far as this project fizzling out, Not gonna happen. If this project doesn't go gold, we don't graduate. This means we need to get everything done by December.")


The team consisted of Co11 and another fulltime partner. The rest of the work was to consist of contractors to do specific deeds. The team had one contractor working on music, another on some Zbrush modeling, and another to get started with the very basic programming.

Help Wanted

  • The team were looking for a skilled AI programmer, as well as programming help with creating a few new game modes that they had planned out.

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