Configuring the SDK for Eternal Silence

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How to set up the SDK for Eternal Silence:

1. In Steam, navigate to Library > Tools

2. Download and open Source SDK.

3. Select the 2006 engine.

4. Select any game that you have installed and played.

5. Click Hammer Editor.


6. Navigate to Tools > Options

7. Click Edit

8. Click Add

9. Type Eternal Silence and click OK.


10. Select Eternal Silence from the Configuration drop down.

11. Set the directories as shown.

aTFDF.png Note: The VMF directory should not be located in the program files.

12. Select the Build Programs tab.

13. Set the following directories. (Note: the final text field named "Place compiled maps..." should be set to this directory: "$SteamDir\steamapps\SourceMods\Eternal-Silence\maps")


14. Click OK

15. Close Hammer and Source SDK, and reopen.

Beta Developers: Steps 11[1], and 13[2]