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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

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Codename: Outbreak is a singleplayer FPS modification for Half-Life 2 utilizing the famous Source Engine Technology. It is science fiction mixed with a little horror.


Outbreak is about David Lane, a USA marine who embarked on a mission to an underground laboratory for inspection when an unknown genetic experiment went wrong. Codename: Outbreak is a singleplayer modification with science fiction elements.

Codename: Outbreak is a horror sci-fi singleplayer modification based off the famous Source Engine. The mod aims to be original - trying not to be related to Black Mesa, City 17, or Nova Prospekt. The mod will provide a whole new storyline that's based in the Half-Life 2 universe. With whole new levels with puzzles that will test your mind, and battles that will pump up your adrenaline.


The Codename: Outbreak make use of Counter-Strike: Source materials and models. CSS provides a large array of them, and they all served a purpose. Outbreak requires you to have a legal version of Counter-Strike: Source and a Source SDK Base to play the mod.

  • Counter Strike Source
  • Source SDK Base
  • Features

  • Maps with full HDR lighting
  • New weapons
  • New enemies and allies that will hunt you down or assist you in battles</li
  • Textures applied with normal map, specular map, bump map, and parallax to bring the realism atmosphere to the field.
  • Models with normap, specular, bump, and phong?? to bring them to life.
  • Semi-Realistic gameplay
  • Soundtracks that will pump up your adrenaline
  • Maps with incredible details that will immerse you
  • Parallax & Refraction Occlusion Shaders
  • Runs on the latest famous Source Engine
  • Media


    The mod announced itself on Valve Developer Community on December 23, 2007. Ideas and concepts were pieced together from previous projects and works from the past. The project is loosely based on my (Prototstar) previous works; Project: Halo, Sabomis, Eon Tech, Codename: Svencoop, and Catalyst. The development of the mod started early, back in November/October of 2007, where all the planning took place. Many papers were used and drawings were digitally drawn & painted by me.


    Catalyst Source Studio

  • Prototstar- Administrator, Concept & Texture Artist, Map Designer, Webmaster
  • Help Wanted

    If you wish to aply for a positions for our mod, you must meet one of these criteria. Please before applying for any of the positions, you must have previous works, experiences, instant messaging programs (e.g Xfire, Steam), creativity, free time, your own set of supplies and lastly, know why you want to join the mod development team.

    Positions that are opened below are:

  • Animator
  • Animators will be in charge of character animations including cycles, reload animations, and cinematic scenes. You must be able to animate monsters and weapons.

  • Character Model Designers
  • Must be able to produce organic characters and monsters.

  • Weapons Model Designers
  • Must be able to produce firearms.

  • World Model Designers
  • Must be able to produce world objects and architectures such as barrels, windows, furniture, etc.

  • Texture Artist
  • Must be able to applies high quality skin on to the NPC with diffuse, normal, phong??, specular, parallax and bumpmap. Must have a knowledge of producing normal map through Zbrush or other related program. Know how to UV map.

  • C++ Programmer
  • Provide new game features through programming. Must have intermediate or expert skill in C++ programming. Experiences with Source programming is a plus. Not many features will be added into the mod.

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    The official website, forums, and moddb profile can be visted below.