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This mod for Source is unrecognised status!.

gameplay coalition is a coop, realistic, tactical fps for source sdk. players are thrust into the uniform of combine soldiers as they desperately attempt to strengthen the combine's slipping grip on city 17 and the rest of earth. players will fight rebels, vortigaunts, antlions, and zombies as earth rapidly devolves into a brutal slaughter. gameplay is open and non-linear, players will explore large maps looking for objectives to complete like pressing buttons, assassinating rebel leaders, surveying land, etc. once all objectives are complete players must return to spawn to finish the map and continue onto the next one.


  • realistic and intense recoil
  • voice acting
  • unrealistic features from half life like double barrelled spas 12 and smg without grenade launcher are removed or fixed to be realistic.
  • guns have different firing speeds than in normal half life
  • first person ragdolls when player dies
  • hostile rebels and vortigaunts.
  • new models and textures
  • cutscenes
    Co dereliction of duty0006.jpg