Changing Maximum Player Count

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By default, Source modifications have a hard-coded maximum player count per server. This can often be overcome using certain server plugins, but if you want to change things the proper way for your modification, you'll need to manipulate your mod's source code a bit.

Source 2007 (HL2MP)

  • Open hl2mp_gameinterface.cpp and find the implementation of the following function:

void CServerGameClients::GetPlayerLimits( int& minplayers, int& maxplayers, int &defaultMaxPlayers )

You'll see an integer called "maxplayers", which has a default value of '16'. Change the '16' to whatever you'd like, but going higher than 32 is not recommended, and obviously don't go below whatever is defined for "minplayers". You can also change "defaultMaxPlayers" here if you'd like.