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Does anyone have any information on Source engine sound? --Pon 04:14, 8 Sep 2005 (PDT)

Organized Menu

I think we should make a proper menu for this section, help organize it.

Precaching files: How to precache and where to find my Precache file?

So I'm an avid Garry's mod player. I have about 49 Gigs worth of mods saved to a flashdrive that I installed directly into my Garry's mod Game folder. However, since these mods aren't from the workshop, they don't get precached automatically. What this means is that every time I load a new file into the game, by spawning something or even looking at a new texture, the game must "build" a preview file before it's used again. This causes a small "catch" in-game, which can be really annoying when trying to play with friends and having to spawn a lot of items quickly. Furthermore, If I where to precache the files, I would have to do so again in the event I got a new computer or give the mods to a friend. Currently, the only way I know to precache these files is by spawning them in one at a time and using every script and sound until everything has been used. This is a slow and painstaking process that takes weeks and I have no way of saving it, should I get a new PC. The cache file is not in my Gmod file as I've uninstalled and reinstalled with the cache file remaining intact somewhere. If anyone knows of a script that I can build or where the cache file is located, and help would be appreciated.