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Wouldn't it be better to have a single glossary page instead of twenty individual short ones? --AndrewNeo 20:24, 7 Jul 2005 (PDT)

why would it be better? i think the main two purposes of these glossary entries is so someone can click on an unknown word in whatever article they're reading and get a quick definition, or to come to this website looking for a particular definition. if they were all on one page, you'd have to set it up so you can click links that jump you to the appropriate part of the page, which would make it look tacky, cause I think then you'd have to have a title entry for each definition. And the latter purpose would become annoying cause you'd have a lot to scroll through or a huge TOC to look at. Besides, some of the entries are quite long.
Looking at this, a lot of the entries here are descriptions of file extensions (.vmf, .cpp)
Could these be moved to a new category like 'file types' or something and make a standard layout with things like what the file is used for, what programs make them, and how/if they should be opened -- Invader Zim