BlackSector: Subject H.O.R.I.Z.O.N.

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This MP mod for Orange Box is no longer being developed.

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BLACKSECTOR TC Mod is a multiplayer total conversion modification for Valve's Source engine, that combines visceral and violent Third Person Shooter action with tactical features in the aftermath of an apocalyptic war. You can choose to fight for the human race undeer the flag of the UASC or for the brutal Wraith aliens, which suddenly attacked earth.

You can storm a building as an assault trooper, cling to the shadows and rely on your active camouflage as a stealth, or unleash terrible firepower from a powered suit of exo-armor. You have the responsibility and the power to decide the outcome of every engagement. If your opponents are lucky there will be enough of them left to bury.

The Story

Fear the Future

Originally, we planned to claim the outer space for ourselves. Unrestrained use of every resource and infinite room for all human beings. But then, things did not turn out the way they should have. Nowadays, it seems our planet is the one to be conquered. Earth is in a state of emergency. The human race has been shrunk to a few hundred thousand. Our world is nearly completely destroyed. The area of the Black Sectors is spreading. Nobody knows from where the Wraith came. We know only one thing: They are damned deadly and frigging furious.

But today – on July 6th, 2123 – the day has come for mankind to strike back. United Alliance’s government – formed by the heads of states of USA, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, China, Japan and Russia – decided to send the UASC, the United Alliance Special Corps, into the conflict areas to reclaim human habitat. The Wraith are dominating roughly 70% of world’s surface. In the meantime, men fortified in the biggest remaining megacities like London, New York and Tokyo – cut off from the environment, an enclave of fear, strongholds in the manner of forgotten times. Just to prevent human kind‘s last bastion from being annihilated.

Play either as a soldier of the UASC in several classes (like Heavy Gunner, Warrior, Light Infantry or Sniper) or get control of the mysterious, unknown Wraith. Battle worldwide in the infested Black Sectors for global dominance. No compromises, no mercy.


We are in alpha testing phase right now after we switched the engine from Episode One to the Orange Box.

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