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This MP mod for Episode Two is no longer being developed.


Base 2 Base puts two teams (Red & Blue) against each other, and they have to fight to reach a teleport that is above the enemies base. When a player from that team goes through the teleport they are teleported to a safehouse where they can watch the battlefield on a monitor. First team to have all of their players through the teleport into the safehouse wins, and if a player is in the safehouse and wants to return to the battlefield they can do so by suiciding, also players have a hud element which shows them how many players are currently in the safehouse.

The mod also has 2 turrets one for each team which shoot at the opposing team, however this is optional whether the mapper wants to include them in the map or not. In the official maps turrets will most likely be placed near spawn so players can put the turrets wherever takes their fancy, this means that each round should be different. However mappers who wish to make custom maps can choose to place their turrets wherever they want.

Hopefully all of the HL2 models will eventually be replaced by custom models in later versions and unlike HL2 you can only carry 4 weapons at a time 1 primary weapon, 1 secondary weapon, melee weapon and grenades, so if you want to pick up a weapon where the slot it uses is already occupied you will have to drop your current weapon which slot.


In June 2010, the level designer (drimp) announced the death of the mod:

"Base 2 Base is dead, it was too much work and without a coder or anyone more than me the mod has had a slow death. If anyone wants to help keep it alive that'll be great, but there's just too much to do for me to try saving the mod alone. Thanks to everyone who has put their time and effort into the mod. Although the mod was so close, it never could be released."


  • Third person and first person view modes
  • Radar
  • Custom models
  • Additional custom weapons


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  • Robin - Programmer, Level Designer
  • Echo - Contributing Coder, Compiler
  • Drimp - Level Designer
  • JakeChapy - Weapon Modeler
  • Number - Texture Artist
  • Paching - Voice Actor

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