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autosave.vtf is the defualt save image if a game save is created without a image associated with it so autosave.vtf is used as the image for the Save File if loaded though the Load Game Dialog in Some Source Engine Games. this does not get used in goldsrc. like Chapter thunmails. the Acual image size is 256x128. Unlike Chapter Thunmails. the image Displayed (whats visible) Has the Resoultion of 180x100. so to make one. have the 180x100 one be at the top left of the 256x128 image. The image File is Located in (Your Mod Directory)/materials/vgui/resource as what we have refered to it as being autosave.vtf. this image file is used between all games that run between Source 2004-Source 2013. the image file may be differentand may be at a different file location in the Portal 2 Branch (since the Alien Swarm, Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Engine Branches do not use autosave images as far as i can tell.)