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addip is a console command available in all Source Source games. It adds the specified IP address to the IP address filter list. It is totally identical to the banip console command, but using it is not advised due to duplication. If the addition to the IP address filter list is successful, then a game event by the name server_addban is fired. The entries are stored in the cfg/banned_ip.cfg file.

Note.pngNote:The maximum number of IP address filter entries is 32768. Attempting to add additional filter entries will result in an error.


addip <minutes> <ipaddress>
Note.pngNote:If minutes is 0, then the ban is permanent.

See also

  • sv_filterban, a console variable that sets packet filtering by IP mode.
  • removeip, a console command that removes an IP address filter entry.
  • listip, a console command that lists all IP address filter entries.
  • writeip, a console command that saves all IP address filter entries to disk.