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Action Half-Life is designed to simulate the experience of being in an action movie. Movies like Hard Boiled, Face Off, and Die Hard are the inspiration for AHL.


AHL aims for something called 'Movie Realism'. This means that you can take a few bullets and keep fighting. You can fall from a two story roof and only hurt your leg. You can bandage a wound in seconds. This doesn't mean you're invincible however, as hits to the head from large caliber weapons are instantly fatal, but a head shot even from a small pistol will put you within an inch of your life.

Of course, stunts play a large part in action movies, and likewise, play a large part in AHL. Dives, rolls, and long jumps can be executed for style and tactical advantage. There's nothing quite like diving through a window and capping the bad guy in the head before you hit the ground. This is a game of style and fun, not obsessive realism.

Action Half-Life: Director's Cut

AHL: Director's Cut is a project started by the Ministry of Action. The Ministry is a group of people who still enjoy AHL and think that it has a life ahead of it. In our opinion AHL is a wonderful formula for online play, but a few bad design decisions spoiled the brew.

Thus we have been busy making improvements to AHL v1, which was meant to be the final one. We have tried to improve overall accessability, weapon behaviour and content. At release we will put up a big changes list that shows all new features and changes.

We hope that this new version will get some people playing again. We also aim to maintain a flow of new players coming in and trying out AHL. Maybe people will even be inspired again to make new content. We are realistic and do not expect 200 players by tomorrow; but AHL still has plenty to offer!

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