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Hey i actually have the same goal in mind. just like the map in World of Warcraft, eye of the storm.

i dont want to create just 1 map however, i want to make it a pretty standard form of building maps. i know recognition is a big thing, but i would actually like to have the source file fully available for people to modify and play with, and be able to post it up on my site and others so that the community can get some really unique maps built.

if this doesnt interest you i understand, but if you would still like to work independantly and just share what we learn together, we can still do that.

let me know what you think

my email is

netaaac at msn dot com

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TF2 Map Hybridization

Hi there! I took the liberty to move your article under your "userspace" here on the VDC. It is now under: User:Mode6/TF2 Map Hybridization. Keep working on that idea, it sounds interesting! --Etset 09:28, 29 Jan 2008 (PST)