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<Half-Life 2> StargateTC 2 (SGTC 2) is a total conversion mod based on the fiction of Stargate TV show. It was created during Christmas 2007 from two mods, SG:BFL (Stargate : Battle For Liberty) and some of the members of SGTLS (Stargate : The Last Stand), which merged to create StargateTC 2.

As most development team members of the new mod are former (or still current) developers of StargateTC (based on the HL1 engine), they decided to choose the name of this famous Stargate mod and to make of StargateTC 2 a kind of follow-up of StargateTC.

A beta should be coming soon as the works of both SG:BFL and SG:TLS are being merged. The first version will be a classic team-deathmatch gameplay. The mod will then evolve with the players; everybody will be able to give his/her point of view about the mod and to suggest improvements.

The Mod is presumed dead as the site has gone offline and only a handfull of people play it. Players complained about poor weapons and glitchy gameplay.


All features are subject to change.

  • A working Stargate
  • Flying vehicles
  • SG1 characters
  • Various Jaffa/Goa'uld characters (Snake guards, Horus guards...)



  • Born on Tuesday, December 25, 2007.
  • Merge of SG:BFL works and SG:TLS works follow and is still in progress
  • A pre-alpha was finished on January 13, 2008 (news).
  • An alpha 0.1 was finished on January 20, 2008 (news).
  • The mod reached the alpha 0.2 stage on February 26, 2008 (news)
  • A devblog was set up on April 1st, 2008, to keep the community updated with some works in progress.
  • The MOD died on October 21st 2008 when all activity on the site ceased and the site was shut down.

Development team

Leader (1)
Anders - 2D artiste / Mappeur / 3D artiste
Co-leader (4)
Keyven - Lead mangement & communication
Or3L - Lead programmation
Rex - Lead mapping
Speed - Mappeur
Dev-team( 11)
Bad Lt - 2D artiste / Mappeur
Eldrad - 3D artiste
Fag - Codeur
Jamboneau - Codeur
K-Rembar - Advertisement
Mckay - Mappeur
Mymi - Sounder
Raton - Advertisement
Seldoon182 - 2D artiste / Mappeur / 3D artiste
Thor 4.3 - Mappeur
Weaponsb - 2D artiste
Beta-testeurs (4)
AGT (10)
Remerciements (8)
Avenger - 3D artiste
[email protected] - 3D artiste
Litman - 3D artiste
NemeXis - Mappeur
P!mp` - Beta-testeur / Partennariat avec Nitroserv
Pm - Beta-testeur
Seagal - Sounder
Solarius - Beta-testeur

Localized versions

French, English and German forums have been set up during Christmas 2007. However, no information has been provided about localized versions of the mod yet.

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