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Some Info for Mod Starters

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So, you are here because you want to make a mod, and i am here because i want to help you with starting up. I know there are full tutorials about modding and you should check them too, but i think you should read this first a bit... It has info you might need in all the modding process.

Ideas go first!

First of all, the MOD idea is the first... Take some time to think of it, and make sure it is possible and original. Second, if you are sure of the idea, talk to your friends about it and if they agree, they might give you suggestions. If everything goes O.K. make a steam group with your MOD's name, story or anything you think creatively.

Gathering a Team

Then start gathering a proffesional team... Dont just gather anyone close to you and give them links to learn mapping or anything. Make sure your team already knows what they are skilled in. Make a list of "jobs" and when your team is gathered make a event where you will all gather and talk. Give mapper a task what map you need, a modeler what model you need, and you should watch the progress and search Valve D. Community for advices... It really has many stuff of how to make a mod.

Mod growing...

Your mod should be growing every day a bit and when you finish make sure to put everyone that did ANYTHING with the mod on the credits list. Then you should be talking about the mod to everyone, give them links, and they will eventually start talking to others about it! You will be proud of yourself and your team, because of all the hard work you all did. That, would be all... Starters i wish you good luck and hope you will be able finish your mod as i am trying to too!