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This interface can help you manage the console using the GameUI module rather than using the corresponding ConCommands & ConVars. You can also print out messages in whatever color you'd like. It is not included in any of the SDK code.


//========= Copyright © 1996-2002, Valve LLC, All rights reserved. ============
// Purpose: 

#ifdef _WIN32
#pragma once

#include "interface.h"
#include <vgui\VGUI.h>

class Color;
using namespace vgui;

// Purpose: interface to game/dev console
class IGameConsole : public IBaseInterface
	// activates the console, makes it visible and brings it to the foreground
	virtual void	Activate() = 0;

	virtual void	Initialize() = 0;

	// hides the console
	virtual void	Hide() = 0;

	// clears the console
	virtual void	Clear() = 0;

	// return true if the console has focus
	virtual bool	IsConsoleVisible() = 0;

	// prints a message to the console
	virtual void	Printf(const char *format, ...) = 0;

	// printes a debug message to the console
	virtual void	DPrintf(const char *format, ...) = 0;

	// printes a debug message to the console
	virtual void	ColorPrintf( Color& clr, const char *format, ...) = 0;

	virtual void	SetParent( VPANEL parent ) = 0;




These lines go in the client/server init files:

#include <gameui\IGameConsole.h>
IGameConsole *gameconsole = NULL;
	CreateInterfaceFn gameUIFactory = Sys_GetFactory("gameui.dll");
	gameconsole = (IGameConsole *)gameUIFactory(GAMECONSOLE_INTERFACE_VERSION, NULL);