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Oh man this is sweet.--Gear 17:05, 30 Jul 2008 (PDT)

Another way

there's another way to do this. I made an arena map, just by adding the tag Arena_ to the beggining of the name of the map it already adds the basic video to whatever kind of map it is.--Fire Tock 15:58, 14 Sep 2008 (PDT)

Yeah, but thats not what the tutorial is aiming to achieve, it is aiming to add your own videos non related to Valves' ones. :) --Craziestdan 16:36, 14 Sep 2008 (PDT)
then it needs to be renamed from adding videos to creating your own intro video.--Fire Tock 20:34, 14 Sep 2008 (PDT)
Not neccesary. Adding a video, title is enough. Adding a video would obviously mean your own ;) because if your using default Valve ones, you dont need to add one, because the prefix does it like you said. --Craziestdan 08:46, 15 Sep 2008 (PDT)
I think this is a bit redundant. Not the article, but FireTock's Point.--Gear 14:00, 15 Sep 2008 (PDT)