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Considering this is now here, we should maybe make a tutorial for it, as making things with Blast code is retarded, mainly because of it's pricing. And even so, it be the same difficulty as doing it with 3d max or XSI.--Gear 13:20, 20 Jul 2008 (PDT)


I personally have only seen a single video of it being used, outside of the stuff created by the Valve teams. How exactly is this done? I would love to figure out how to do it, but there are no resources on it. Even if I knew how to make it into an animation, I still haven't seen any way to integrate it. --CorporalAris 12:11, 18 Oct 2008 (GMT -6)

Yeah. It's heavy question. I have some experience of using Blast Code, but I can't understand how they do this for engine... --Xuyase 19:09, 20 Nov 2008

There's presumably a new Maya exporter that creates the animation SMDs. --TomEdwards 10:59, 20 Nov 2008 (PST)
Well, I would love to hear about it, but it seems to be under pretty type wraps. I have 3dsMax, so I hope it becomes available for it as well. --CorporalAris 12:11, 18 Oct 2008 (GMT -6)
Blast Code work only with surfaces. And polygon models, that it creates from surfaces is only one piece. So pivots of fragments is not moving and all fragments it's one mesh. It won't export not as animated model or as physics model... :\

one variant - they record and convert *.blt file in smd's. another variant they use Glue Objects. But it's Megaton version. 1500$.... 2CorporalAris: for you better use "reactor" --Xuyase 9:14, 21 Nov 2008

And then....? Import as a model with an animation? --CorporalAris 14:55, 23 Nov 2008 (GMT -6)
Yeah. You must create objects like this windowwo9.jpg

where all parts already are (and pivots of fragments are in they centers). then create passive and active rigid bodies from this parts, apply some fields(gravity, turbulence, or any you want). test this animation, and then export all scene as reference model, and animation as animation. I think you can understand this method if you have experience of using "reactor". Sorry, I don't have a best English :( --Xuyase 13:48, 24 Nov 2008

So... But that means that these are HUGE models. The House that exploded in HL2:EP2 was a full sized house. You could walk in it, and it looked like Brush work. Can anyone find the actual Model and Animation from EP2? I want to see it. --CorporalAris 11:57, 26 Nov 2008 (GMT -6)
The brush Geometry is switched out for the Model Geometry, it's a little neat trick thats hard to notice, but upon decompiling any map, you can tell.--Gear 15:35, 26 Nov 2008 (PST)
Oh. How do they make models identical? Is it possible to import Hammer prefabs into 3D programs, or vice versa? --CorporalAris 1:19, 27 Nov 2008 (GMT -6)
Yup, simply you export Geometry into an OBJ file. This may be helpful.--Gear 14:24, 27 Nov 2008 (PST)
Bridge it's big model too. but as apparently without physmodel. maybe for house they use brushworks and animated model, which replace brushes in the moment of explosion.

--Xuyase 13:48, 24 Nov 2008

Looking at that link, basically, it's just a normal model, with a model animation?? So what would be the need of blast code? --Craziestdan 17:05, 27 Nov 2008 (PST)
Blast code makes Physics animations, so I am sure they just bring the OBJ into Blastcode, say hey, destroy this, and it compiles the Animation, rather than keyframe the entire thing. --CorporalAris 23:07, 27 Nov 2008 (GMT -6)

2Craziestdan. Yes, Blast code need to create animation. You may create this on Maya's physics, but it's freak and slow. :) okay comrades, I will write some tutorial about using Blast Code for exploading anything. just wait a few days. --Xuyase 8:15, 28 Nov 2008

Is BlastCode Free?--CorporalAris 10:04, 28 Nov 2008 (GMT -6)
If 2000$ is free to you, then yes.--Gear 16:49, 28 Nov 2008 (PST)
Lol, never mind. Apparently I missed the memo. --CorporalAris 20:45, 28 Nov 2008 (GMT -6)
Its free for a trial,and as far as I know, the trial has barley any limitations, but still, the animation created by it, well, I haven't tried it out yet, here I'll try this and tell you guys the deal.--Tymaxbeta 1 Nov 2009