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I have been using nems batch compiler, nice but I had to do alot of configuring. This tool needed no config and seems to run the same otherwise.

If you are on vista or win7 be sure to use this program as administrator (right click on exe >> properties >> check off the box "run as admin" or it might not work as it woudln't for me until I did run it as admin.

You could also right click on the shortcut and say "run as admin" for a one time use.

One other side note on this batch compile tool, it renamed my the bsp from its original name and added _old and deleted the original .bsp. Renaming maps will cause bloated files from cubemaps (read about cubemaps respectively). Not sure why it did this whether or not I had "copy map to game dir" checked or not.

It could be a bug or I missed a setting.