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Discussion about Kostya's Mod


I think the title should be changed to the name of the mod, and that someone improves the english of the article, it's sort of weird right now, I think I'll give it a shot, I'll also remove some stuff which are pretty unnecessary, if you feel I took out anything important, feel free to change it back. --Put 15:06, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

I agree and have renamed it as well as fixed some of the English. --Omnicoder 00:18, 9 February 2010 (UTC)

Ok!!! --]{o$Тя 11:07, 9 February 2010 (UTC)


I tried translating the huge amount of Russian, using Google Translate. This is what I got. Please keep in mind that the translation services offered by Google aren't perfect. If someone is really good with Russian, I'd love to see the page fully translated to English, and we could have a fully Russian subpage, possibly "Alyx versus Freeman/Russian" The translated text is below Daedryon 17:57, 10 February 2010 (UTC):

For english users:

Do NOT read this shit. It's dangerous for you brain.

Russian, sobsno, comrades


Time to correct mistakes ... Gman Almighty, but little has gone wrong in his assessment ... He made a mistake ... But only once ... He understands that gamble with the Union failed, and all the forces trying to restore the balance. Soldiers of the alliance - not so bad and cruel, merely for the first time they needed a means of control over people, a seven-shocked by war. Mutiny seems to be a success, but Gman takes the initiative in their magic hands, is a strategic plan shields rebels blocking them. Breen was still alive, again thanks Gman'u. He controls the situation. Freeman is now on the side of the alliance. Many people already live in the world with a combine, and the rebels - were left alone against the infinity of the soldiers, and most importantly - against Freeman! However, the main goal - is to destroy the main enemy of the Union - Alix, in the head which contains all the plans of resistance (first was in Bathymetric in the head with, then came sausages :-) I mean advisers% -) Vortigaunts nashamanili). Counselors do not intervene, saying it was dirty work: "Let everyone understand Freeman," Of course, Freeman always has no choice, Gman teleport him out of stasis (a place beyond space and time) in an unknown town, where he begins his journey. More telling - not interested in playing will be))

Features fashion:

  • Combines - friends, some residents - too
  • Insurgents - smart, but still stupid (not sostykovochka, true?) AI fig, but I think some Th nashamanyu hD
  • FENXKI of Half-Life 1 in the second. For example: laser guided guns and missiles in-) trains operated
  • Graffiti with my city and all sorts of textures.
  • Yumornye dial'ogi)) and pictures
  • Puzzle Hry, physics and dexterity
  • Fixed pushed lamp (from the combines)
  • Kompiki (like as in "Duma 3" sensor, but with buttons come)))
  • Achievements (do additional task - to get candy hD) as an extra. health, bullets, super capacity, etc.
  • Hopefully, it will make a linear plot
  • Hard carnage on city streets, not limited by invisible walls, with a choice of where to go way
  • Unique soundtrack to the topic! Russian Rap, Metallica, ambient, D'n'B, Club. Added in-game player. (based on scripts and the console Output'ami on the map, varying depending on environment)
  • Scanners have their own camera! (broadcast on the monitor in the room security real picture, I want to make the monitor directly on the screen (like the radar in Counter Strike, only the video 8 ->)
  • All guns and gad'zhety - for the player, camera, upon detection of the enemy, include anxiety to all the soldiers and the player as a signal and indicate the sector where the enemy spotted. In the cell, the security automaton updated picture on the enemy.
  • The rebels - not just meat, they now have a goal that they must destroy, or region to which you must come. Also with the soldiers. Completely changing the balance. Lead bullets, not rubber. Popal, DAK hit. Damage multiplier changed.
  • In general, changing perceptions about Half-Life 2. How would: "What would be if ..."


Слишком много лишних пропов, и комбайнов на одном скрине многовато. SiPlus 14:51, 16 February 2010 (UTC)

try to translate, CAP! Попробуй перевести, честной нерусский народ!

Сабж. Щит, умные такие, чё ж они не переводят, пишут, что Русский, наш родной язык, ФРИГГИН! а это значит, ох, далеко не положительное, комрады!

Зачем переводить говно? --Strider[RUS] 17:29, 29 May 2011 (UTC)


this mod has not been worked on for, what, 7 years? that's why i put up the deletion template.