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What about me?

My name is Clement, a gamer born on 1994. I love CS:S and TF2. Other game I play (or tried) are HL2, Portal, L4D, L4D2, and Alien Swarm. I used to keep playing a third person shooter game that uses both guns and swords until the one day when my friend introduced me to CS 1.6. I used to say that "being able to dash around and climb walls is better than just staying on the ground and shooting around." But a year later, my friend told me to try the game, so I did. After a while, I liked CS more and more. When I saw CS:S in a shop, I was like "Whoa, man! I need that game!" So I bought the game, after earning enough cash/allowance (I live in Malaysia, so CS:S costs RM80). I played CS:S a lot more after that. Then a few months passed, I decided to return to my other game. My gameplay time didn't last as long as CS:S did. So I went back to CS:S. I went for Zombie Mod servers and loved how CS:S manage to fit so well in such a situation, as if it were real life. Then another day, I saw the Orange Box in another store. Once again, I went over-excited about the set of games. After I earned enough cash/allowance, I bought the Orange Box (The Orange Box in Malaysia costs RM110). I installed the games one by one. It was slow, installing them this way, but it was worth the wait. After the games finished updating, I went straight ahead for TF2. For TF2, one word. Awesome. Just freaking awesome. I love the way its meant to be played. I simply can't get enough of it. The weapons, the maps, the hats, the crafting system, the gameplays, and THE WEAPONS (Seriously). After that, I played Portal. Unlike HL, which was the first game I played, I finished the game in less than half a day (without achievements or extra maps). It worked out pretty well. It's a great game (and I'm even more happy to hear about Portal 2). Later, I played HL2. I didn't finish the game, but I can tell, it was worth it. Survival seems to be the only goal but to me, it's weapons in the game that count. Overall, both CS:S and The Orange Box, awesome gameplays and graphics. Even though I spotted a few bugs, they didn't really affect the gameplays that much. I forgotten them (since they're probably long gone), but the games are unforgettable. And now, my goal is be a game tester, might not be a high position (as most people say), but it's what I want to be.

What do I know?

Personally, as far as I know, I love to play games. That is why I decided to be a game tester. I'd really wish to try new games that are upcoming in Valve's industry. I'm good at spotting glitches and bugs, possibly writing down a list if there was a ton of those. I have no testing experience but I'm willing to learn and go forth. If you ask me about hobbies, all I can say is, "I'm a gamer, what else do you expect my hobbies to be?" But now, I wish to change my current class as a "gamer" to a "game tester." Sure, I live in "somewhere that Valve isn't there," but I believe I have what it takes to be one of Valve's game testers.