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Here's a quick checklist to help make sure SteamVR Home environment has everything it needs!

World lighting

  • Press menu button on controller, go to 'Things' and add a prop to the scene. If the prop is correctly lit, then lighting is working properly!
    • Prop is completely black: you need to add a light source.
    • Prop is lit on one side but black on the other: you need to add a box cubemap for ambient lighting.
    • Prop does not cast shadows on the world:
      • Go through the unlit shader materials used for your world geometry and set them to receive shadows but not cast them.
      • Make sure one light source is set to cast shadows (a light_environment is often a good idea).

World has physical collisions

  • Add a physics prop to the scene using the in-game menu and let it fall towards the floor. If it rests on the floor, you have collisions! Throw the prop around to test further.
    • Prop falls through world: On model import, set the "Collision type" drop down to "Collision using exact geometry". You can re-import the model over the old one using the same name, but you will need to redo any changes you made to its materials.

World has sky (optional)

  • Look around in VR. Is there a sky of some description?
    • Inky black void: add a sky to your scene - some example skies are included with SteamVR Workshop Tools. There are also a few modelled skyspheres you can place into your scene by dragging them in from the asset browser. Make sure scale and position is set appropriately.

World has teleport areas and/or markers (optional)

  • Teleport around with the controller trackpad - if you've placed teleport areas and markers then these should operate correctly.
    • Teleport area is shown all the time: select it in Hammer, click 'Tie Selected Meshes to Entity' and type vr_teleport_area into the object type field.
    • Can teleport to places outside highlighted area: change to 'Mesh' selection mode in Hammer, click on the teleport area and in the object properties make sure 'Physics Type' is set to 'Mesh'.

Before submitting to the Workshop

  • Once you are happy with your environment, make sure to remove any test and temporary maps from your maps directories.
    • These are located in steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\steamvr_environments\content\steamtours_addons\[your_addon_name]\maps and steamapps\common\\SteamVR\tools\steamvr_environments\game\steamtours_addons\[your_addon_name]\maps.

After uploading to the Workshop

  • Don't forget to sign the Workshop agreement, or others will not be able to see your work.
  • It's also good to subscribe to your new environment to double-check how it appears to the public. It will appear as a separate item in the in-game Environments list, with a default Steam icon.
  • Make sure to set it as accessible to the public once everything is ready!