Counter-Strike Level Creation/Hostage Scenario

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Counter-Strike Level Creation

Hostage rescue was the first and only scenario to ship with beta1 of Counter-Strike. It is now often referred to as the "classic" CS scenario.

As you can see, you are to place 10 spawn points of each type for each team. This means Counter-Strike will only support up to 20 players altogether (any more would be chaos and would make true teamplay difficult). Place these spawn points well. Put the 10 Terrorist spawn points in the map where all the terrorists will start out together. Likewise, place all the 10 counter-terrorist spawns very nearby each other so they can all start out together. Remember not to place the counter-terrorist set of spawns near the terrorist set of spawns near each other! When placing spawns, keep them in the same field of view as each other so teams can assemble and go together. Be careful of spawns though, keep them 128 units away from each other to prevent telefragging.

Please name your map in this form: cs_mapname -- If you map name was "city" for example, please name your .bsp "cs_city." We'd like this to be standard, so that Counter-Strike specific maps can easily be differenciated between Half-Life maps.

We are looking for maps with a very specific theme. The map must be very realistic, make it a setting that can be recognized, where you might find a Terrorist group having a standoff with SEALs. First and most importantly, please remember that we will only be accepting maps with realistic settings. Please don't make what would pass as a regular old HL dm map and send it in. Those playing the map must be able to say "Oh, gee, this is an x map" [where x is a realistic setting such as a bank, factory, office building, library, etc]. The setting must be recognizable! You should also beef up the realism in your map by adding things such as chairs, tables, gun racks, missiles, bathrooms, etc. Custom textures are welcome (just please compile them into your .bsp). You might want to make some types of structure to defend and/or conquer We are not interested in regular DM maps that you would find in regular user made maps. Remember that Counter-Strike will be teamplay only, so the map must be teamplay specific.

Make sure:

  • Your map has 10 Terrorist spawns.
  • Your map has 10 Counter-Terrorist spawns.
  • You might want to take advantage of the auxiliary hostage rescue ent.
  • Your r_speeds should not go over 900