Time's End

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This SP mod for Half-Life is currently in alpha development.

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Time’s End is a work-in-progress HL1 10th anniversary episode, with a unique story.


The Future

In the White Forest missile silo, an apprentice of Dr. Kleiner has spent the last few years building a very special radio. One that can send messages though time. His aim? To stop the Black Mesa disaster from ever happening…

The Present

You are Wes Yadot, a Black Mesa maintenance worker. Ordered to clean up a chemical spill, you don a Type-4 HEV suit. On your way back, the suit radio comes to life, and tells you an amazing, impossible tale…one that can’t be true. Or can it? The fates of billions are in your hands. Your actions will dictate the future of mankind.


  • Unique story
  • Voice acting
  • New models
  • Cross paths with familiar characters from HL and its many mods


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Story and mapping by KingDaniel.

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