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Hey buddy. Just a few notes: While you are writing your walkthrough, try to stay on format with other walkthroughs on the site. Also, you can use the Work-In-Progress template as a placeholder while you write the walkthrough. And, maybe try to make less edit submissions, though I'm not sure why they prefer this. --volt 20:24, 4 Dec 2007 (PST)

Hey mate . I really appreciate the multi floor elevator you put up here. Unfortunately i have had problems with it. I have followed it several times but cant get it working. The elevator juts going up and down constantly between the first and second floor. my email address is [email protected] Could you please send my your version that you uploaded. the link u uploaded before is down...cheers mate really need help...ta

Hey I have checked out your elevator tutorial and I'm not sure if mine works yet because I'm not finished but seems to all make sense so far... but while going through the level you uploaded, I found that once the elevator reaches its destination the doors on all the levels open (for example say I missed the elevator before I could get on, after the other players (yes I'm aware that I'm talking multiplayer and you probably designed it for single player) reach there destination I can see my door open on my floor, I can walk right inside if I want and fall to my death lol.) I was wanting to know if there is a way to fix it to be multiplayer friendly. Message or E-Mail me back please if you know the fix my e-mail is [email protected]