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== Media ==
== Media ==
Well, it is really coming in a week (maybe even earlier)...
Image:Mp_coop_transferal_c2_(2).png|mp_coop_transferal_c2 (Chapter II, Alpha)
Image:Mp_coop_transferal_c2.png|mp_coop_transferal_c2 (Chapter II, Alpha)
Image:Mp_coop_transferal_c2_(3).png|mp_coop_transferal_c2 (Chapter II, Alpha)
More pics of other chapters coming later this week...
== Developers ==
== Developers ==
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* Alex “subject_delta” Muslaev — Level Design/Programming/Modeling
* Alex “subject_delta” Muslaev — Level Design/Programming/Modeling
* Georgiy “Komendor” Zhigarev — Level Design
* Georgiy “Komendor” Zhigarev — Level Design/Materials
'''SDV Studio''' — Sounds

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This MP mod for Portal 2 is currently in alpha development.

Transferal logo

Portal 2 Transferal is a cooperative campaign for Portal 2 inspired by Fringe TV series and developing by Twin Paradox.

Release date: Beta – Q2 2012, Final - TBA.


So after our team broke apart in late 2011, we stopped working on SP addon. But the idea of some puzzles was so interesting that some of us decided to remake them for the new coop campaign.

For now Transferal will have around of 9 maps. Each of the map will have different way of cooperation (sometimes Players will be forced to play against each other - like they are enemies).


Here is a list of maps (as they are up to 02/20/12) and small descriptions of them:

1. mp_coop_transferal_hub - it will be some kind of hub where you can go to every testing area you want (but we still don't know is this a good idea for us).

2. mp_coop_transferal_intro - the name speaks for itself; it will be some kind of calibration test which main goal is to remind Players of thinking with portals.

3. mp_coop_transferal_c1 - it is the first chapter of our campaign called High Pressure where the Players are going to learn co-concentration on a specific task.

4. mp_coop_transferal_c2 - the second chapter called Point of Transition where each of the Players are working on his/her specific mission to achieve a common goal.

5. mp_coop_transferal_c3 - the third chapter called Quantum Entaglement where each of the Players solves puzzles "crosswise".

6. mp_coop_transferal_c4 - the fourth chapter called Face 2 Face where the Players are going to encounter the "double gravitation".

7. mp_coop_transferal_c5 - the fifth chapter called Transferal where the Players will be separated...in some interesting way (we are not going to tell about it, let it be surprise).

8. mp_coop_transferal_******* - the mystery part of the campaign.

9. mp_coop_transferal_***** - the most awesome part of the campaign.


More pics of other chapters coming later this week...


Team Twin Paradox:

  • Alex “subject_delta” Muslaev — Level Design/Programming/Modeling
  • Georgiy “Komendor” Zhigarev — Level Design/Materials

Special Thanks:

  • Alex “trezz_” Mirskov — Testing Intiative
  • Kirill Marchenko - Testing Intiative
  • Maksim “^4Orange^4” Sorokin - Testing Intiative
  • Nikos “Yaitseslav The Third” Entin - Testing Intiative

More Information

If you want to contact us and ask any questions, please send your letters to our e-mail: [email protected]