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Note:As the author is a wiki vandal, don't take his word for things he says here. Double-check them.

Skinning Weapons is pretty easy when you learn it, it only seems long.


Let us start right away. First with requirements. You will need GCFScapeand VTFEdit, then download and install them.


After you installed them, run GCFScape. You will see a window with few columns, go to "File/Open/(go to Steam/steamapps)source materials.gcf/" Lets skin the Half-Life 2 pistol for the beginning. Go to "hl2/materials/Models/Weapons/" and drag the V_pistol folder to the Desktop.

Using the VTFEdit

Since you have the V_pistol folder on your Desktop now, find the v_pistol_sheet VTF FILE. Run VTFEdit. Open the v_pistol_sheet VTF FILE. You will see a bunch of pistol cut-outs. Go to "File/Export". Leave the same name: v_pistol_sheet, but make the file JPG (JPEG). Now go to your V_pistol folder and right-click the v_pistol_sheet.jpg file and choose Open With. You can open it with any image editing program (i use Photoshop). Start editing it, add some colors to the cut-outs (you will recognize what each cut-out means for the pistol), add some funny text if you want, make it hilarious and colorful, or make it dark and scary! Anything you want, wonderful.

As you did all changes you wanted, open VTFEdit again. Now go to File/Import and select the JPG file. It will ask you some stuff, but just continue (don't change anything). Go again to File/Save as.../and save it exact name as it was (put it VMF and name v_pistol_sheet). You can now go to V_pistol and delete your JPG file, or simply leave it if you might do further skinning. Move the V_pistol folder into Steam/steamapps/SourceMods/yourmodsname/materials/Models/Weapons/(put V_pistol here)

NOTE: You might not have the Models/Weapons folders! Simply create them. Also if you are making skin for HL2 originally put it the same, only in steamapps/YOURSTEAMID/half-life 2/materials/models/(create the folders as specified)

You are done! Launch your game or your mod over Steam, run some map, and enjoy your new skinned weapon!

NOTE: You might need to enable console and cheats to get the weapon. NOTE: You will need to exit steam before doing anything or you will have bugs!

Tutorial by: macic666dp Contact me over Steam if you need help and support.