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To use this CFG file, place it in the ...counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg directory.

Make sure, you have in the properties of the 'config.cfg', write-protection activated. Otherwise you would permanently overwrite your in-game-key-bindings! Then, while in the game, type exec navedit.cfg in the console, where "navedit.cfg" is the name of the CFG file you want to use. This will bind all the keys as described in the CFG. If you quit the game and return, the bindings will have been removed.

The following is a CFG file that can be used for bot navigation mesh editing. To use it, copy the text below into any text editor, edit it if you like, and save it as navedit.cfg.

Nav_edit "1"

bind y nav_mark_walkable	//Before auto-generating, this makes sure the spot will be walkable
bind o "nav_quicksave 0" 	//Turn quicksave off
bind p "nav_quicksave 1" 	//Turn quicksave on
bind f9 nav_generate		//Creates the initial navigation file for editing (may take a long time)

bind mouse1 nav_begin_area	//Click to start defining a new nav area
bind mouse2 nav_end_area	//Click to finish creation of new nav area
bind mouse3 nav_delete		//Click to delete a nav area

bind q nav_mark			//Mark or unmark a nav area (use with other commands below)

bind v nav_split		//Splits a nav area at the white line in your line of sight
bind b nav_merge		//Merges a marked nav area with the one in your line of sight
bind n nav_splice 		//Splices a marked nav area with the one in your line of sight

bind 1 nav_avoid		//These number keys set or unset areas for bot activities
bind 2 nav_crouch
bind 3 nav_dont_hide
bind 4 nav_jump
bind 5 nav_no_jump
bind 6 nav_precise
bind 7 nav_run
bind 8 nav_stand
bind 9 nav_transient
bind 0 nav_walk

bind e nav_corner_select 	//Toggle selection of nav area corner in marked area
bind r nav_corner_raise		//Raises selected nav area corner
bind f nav_corner_lower		//Lowers selected nav area corner

bind z nav_connect 		//Connects a marked nav area with the one in your line of sight
bind x nav_disconnect 		//Disconnects a marked nav area from the one in your line of sight

bind f6 nav_save		//Saves nav file
bind f7 nav_analyze		//Necessary as a final step

bind g nav_toggle_place_painting    //It is not practical to bind all the possible placenames;
				    //You'll have to type the individual commands

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