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This SP mod for Source is currently on hold. Download its last release here.

Combine Insurrection is a Half-Life 2 modification currently in development by Laughing Man Productions². It is currently publicly known to still be in the alpha stages of development and is receiving progress updates on it's ModDB page every few months.

Development started in 2005 and has continued at a fairly slow pace since then, no release date has been officially announced as of yet.


Combine Insurrection takes place in an alternate story arc from the Episodic events where Gordon was never saved by the Vortigaunts at the end of Half-Life 2.

Six years go by and for some reason Gman's power over the dimension Gordon resides becomes diluted in causing the protagonist to end up back on Earth only to find that it is almost fully conquered by the Combine.

As in Half life 2, your basic goal is simple; release the Combine's stranglehold on earth and eventually find a way fight them off entirely.

Back story

Now to fill in what has happened in the past 6 years:

After the portal exploded, the Benefactors thought it wise to increase their presence so they doubled the number of Combine posted to On-World assignments. They also decided to clone Breen, he had been a useful puppet so far and he had become an asset they did not want to lose.

For more control, they built eight more Citadels in and around (with a 300 mil radius) what was left of City 17. It is estimated that around 56% of the Earth's population has now been converted to Overwatch soldiers. The resistance has been nearly snuffed out, there are only a few thousand members left, and only about 8 main bases.

Close to where our story begins, the Benefactors introduced a new technology into the environment; its speculated that they put it in the water supply. Once ingested by humans it works its way to the brain and, if there is not already one there, creates a microchip. This chip relays the thoughts of the infected host back to a satellite then to one of the citadels randomly. It also allows the Overwatch to communicate telepathically. Since it is a new technology, the Resistance tried to become familiar with it as quick as possible to find any loop holes. Alyx managed to hack into the satellite and create a virtual network that would run silently and would not be noticed by the Combine. They use this network for telepathic communication between the remaining Resistance units.

In retaliation to the Resistance's past achievements, all Combine and bio-chem weapons (head crabs) have had their armor/resilience increased so that they are harder to kill. All Combine weapons have been reinforced with stronger ammunition. Non-humanoid weapon deployments have been increased.

Its estimated that there are now 200 Hunter choppers, 80 Gunships, and 175 Striders stationed within a 400 mile radius around the ruins of City 17, some hundred thousand of each world-wide.

Much of the Combine technology has been stolen by the Resistance and improved by Dr. Kliner, and a new Black Mesa facility has been built by Eli called Black Mesa Site 2. This time around they have it protected by a modified Combine force field that stops all unfriendly fire and soldiers from entering in light of the disaster at the Black Mesa East complex.

Some estimated figures show that Nova Prospect Zero is churning out about 60 Stalkers a week and has over 3000 prisoners.

The Combine finally managed the perfection of their teleportation system. They now possess Xen-level teleporting, which Kliner also invented a counter measure for so they could not invade the new Black Mesa base.

A much more robust back story has been provided on both the mod's LMPGames Wiki page and on their ModDB page.

Map progress

  • ci_prologue01 (60%)
  • ci_prologue02 (3%)
  • ci_c1_npz_cell (99%)
  • ci_c1_npz_floor4 (99%)
  • ci_c1_npz_floor3 (99%)
  • ci_c1_npz_floor2 (99%)
  • ci_c1_npz_floor1 (97%)
  • ci_c1_npz_? (?%) (map is being recreated)
  • ci_c2_bms2_OutA (25%)
  • ci_c2_bms2_tunnels (15%)
  • ci_c2_bms2_q2 (0%)
  • ci_c2_bms2_q3 (0%)
  • ci_c2_bms2_q4 (0%)
  • ci_c2_bms2_OutB (20%)
  • ci_c3_rtc23_a (0%)
  • ci_c3_combunker (56%)
  • ci_c3_cb_ugfloor1 (50%)
  • ci_c3_cb_ugfloor2 (35%)
  • ci_c4_city_23 (70%)
  • ci_c4_graveyard (74%)
  • ci_c4_mauso (60%)
  • ci_c4_catacombs (68%)
  • ci_c5_city25 (15%)
  • ci_c5_stranglehold (10%)
  • ci_c5_stran_a1 (5%)

Chapter breakdown

Titles of current chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Anti-Citizen One
  • Chapter 2: Black Mesa Site 2
  • Chapter 3: Road to City 23
  • Chapter 4: Shell Shock
  • Chapter 5: Strangle Hold
  • Chapter 6: Unnamed
  • Chapter 7: Unnamed
  • Chapter 8: Unnamed
  • Chapter 9: Insurrection

The Pre-Alpha Demo

The Pre-Alpha demo was a demonstration of several maps taking place near the middle of the mod. Themed after the Ravenholm section of HL2 it features head crabs and zombies as the only enemies against the back drop of a ruined city. This demo was more to show off game concepts and ideas rather then map completion and is therefore very incomplete. The maps themselves no longer reflect the current state of those levels.

There are several bugs in this demo which have been listed below:

  • On the first map, as you jump from a roof to the one on the other side of the wall, if the roof breaks, it might sometimes cause a memory read error.
  • Likewise, use of the fire trap might also cause this.
  • Some level transitions are a little bugged, between the town and graveyard and graveyard and mausoleum, you will need to crouch to be able to move after the level has loaded.
  • You might experience some lag at the end of the catacombs map. This is due to the battle taking place below the cliff edge.
  • A light in the catacombs is incorrectly colored, also a flood light is not working at the moment.
  • After the credits roll, the game doesn't take you to the main menu, you will need to exit the game manually.

To report any bugs found please do so at the Laughing Man Productions bug tracker.

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