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REPTILE 0009 18:51, 9 September 2010 (UTC) I plan to make a mod for the source engine. It will be a class-based multiplayer game, similar to Team Fortress 2. Here's a list of the classes that will be featured in the mod. The mod will be called Warzone. If you notice any balancing issues or other issues let me know.


Assault- Assault Rifle+Pistol Ammo Pack-Refills ammunition(not Grenade Launcher, RPG, and grenades), Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher Health-150 Speed-90% Frag Grenade-2 grenades

Scout-Shotgun+Pistol Hologram, Critical Hits-6 sec critical damage done and taken Health-125 Speed-130% Concussion Grenades-2 grenades

Pyro-FlameThrower+Shotgun Gasoline-Can be ignited, Incendiary Shells-Alt ammo for Shotgun, 30% less damage, ignites enemy Health-150 Speed-100% Incendiary Grenade-3 grenades

Engineer-Rifle+Pistol Repair Tool-Repairs buildings and vehicles, Build Tool-Build Sentries, and Dispensers, RPG Health-125 Speed-100% Sticky Grenade-2 grenades

Tactician-SMG+Pistol Spawn Point, Air Support, Vehicle Drop, Health-125 Speed-105% Nail Grenade-2 grenades

Weapon Specialist-Light Machine Gun+ Shotgun Health-200 Speed-80% Caltrops Grenade-Slows enemies by 10%, does no damage

Recon-Sniper Rifle+Pistol C4-Remote detonated plastic explosive, Claymore-Trip mine, Health-125 Speed-100% Flash Grenade-2 grenades

Saboteur-Silenced SMG+Silenced Pistol Cloaking-Invisibility for 30 sec, Disguise-Disguise as any enemy class, Electric Disrupter-disables and destroys buildings in 5 sec Health-125 Speed-100% Smoke Screen-2 grenades Instant-Kill Backstab

Medic-SMG+Pistol Revive Tool-Revives fallen teammates, Drop Shield-Blocks bullets and damage for 20 sec, Resurrection-Stand back up once downed, costs 50% charge Health-125 Speed-100% Health Drain Grenade-Drains 25% of enemies' health-1 grenade Ubercharge, invincibility for 8 sec after reviving 10 allies

Help Wanted

If you have any advice, tips or help for me, tell me in the discussion.