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Who is Talking Waterfall

Talking Waterfall is a player within the Steam community. As many other people, he started out his account with a copy of Counter-Strike and Half-Life 2. He now owns over 40 games, mostly based on the Source Engine. The most played game, as of the 3rd March 2010, is Garrys Mod which he has played for 1169.4 hours since Valve started tracking playtime.

Nickname and Community life

In the beginning, he formed a local group with some friends named "Crosshair" This group were based upon Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. His nickname started out being "Rusher" formed by the fact that the only tactic he knew were rushing. Later everybody in the clan used the prefix "Mr." or "Ms.", so he changed name to "Mr. Rusher"

The clan "Crosshair" were not too long after dissolved, and he came up with a new name, OompaLoompa. before this, he started playing Team Fortress 2. After a couple of years, the OompaLoompa name were getting old, so he asked his teammates in Team Fortress 2 in the search for a new name. As a sarcastical joke, one mentioned "Talking Waterfall" because he would talk amazingly much. He adopted the name, and have now been using it for a couple of years.

A little while after, he got interested in Garrys Mod roleplaying. As so many does, he started out with DarkRP, which is a light roleplaying modification. This quickly grew old because of the massive amount of trolls, random deathmatchers and other people who would ruin the game. He started playing other gamemodes for Garrys Mod. Although, after a while he would return to roleplaying, but this time in a more serious shape. He entered the community kudomiku's Scene, which at the time were a light roleplaying community, but it were soon to become a serious roleplaying community. He had played there for a couple of month, when he filled out an admin application. The application got accepted, thanks to the community owner overruling the other admins. The community also changed name to kuromeku's Republic in this time. He played with this community for quite a while, when another community showed up. The name of this community was Liberty Roleplay, formed by an old super-administrator at kuromeku's Republic. He was offered admin position along with a friend of his. He accepted and were going to provide a server for the community. But then the leader of kuromeku's Republic got a grudge against Liberty Roleplay, because many of the admins were going there. The forums got hacked numerous times, and the leader gave up. Not long after this, Talking Waterfall formed a new community, a community that had been only in his mind even before he joined Liberty Roleplay.Now he had a small playerbase and an opportunity. This was when he formed Bits Roleplay The leader of kuromekus Republic were still holding grudges against Talking Waterfall and opposing communities, so he hacked it numerous times too. But Talking would keep restoring the forums and keeping the community alive as good as he could. But one day, all the members got tired and left the community. The community died out, just to be restored not long ago. The community, now renamed to Bits Gaming, was restored by him and one of the old members.