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security cameras are easy. very easy.

place an npc_security_camera onto the wall. call it "camera" for simplicities sake. make sure it is sunk into the wall a tiny bit.

add a playerclip func_detail around the camera, as the camera isn't -acturally- sold when an NPC. the front isn't anyway.

now, make a brush around the back. where the camera meets the wall.

make it textured with the trigger texture.

turn it to an entity. a func_portal_detector

call it "SIDEKILL"

make a output like so. "OnStartTouchLinkedPortal" "camera" "ragdoll" now, you have a detatchable camera. HOWEVER, to make it realistic, you should make a "TOPKILL" brush too.

why? well, in areas, such as a goo pit, the player may think of jumping onto the camera for safety. or jumping on it to avoid zombies and such (should you be making a zombie portal game).

so to make it destroyable from the top due to the player's weight is not only realistic, but serves a practical purpose.

make the "SIDEKILL" brush have another output. make it "OnStartTouchLinkedPortal" "TOPKILL" "KILL"

now, make s brush for the top of the camera. try to make it sticking out a little bit from the top. make this brush covered in the trigger texture, and call it "TOPKILL"

the outputs should be "OnStartTouch" "camera" "ragdoll"

and "OnStartTouch" "SIDEKILL" "KILL"

now, place it in your map and test.

you now have a camera that will fall when a portal is placed, but also fall under the player's weight.