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Info holder of all relevant keyvalues inherited from theCBaseAnimating C++ class. The template has a very specific syntax that you must follow to apply properly, because new games have added new features throughout the years. See Help:Templates for more info on named parameters. SomeCBaseAnimatingkeyvalues are not exclusive to this class, but rather is only of relevance only on theCBaseAnimatingclass. See the Uncovered Keyvalues page to know more.

Note.png Note: After you edit this template, please make sure you also edit the targetted entity's page. Per-game keyvalues may be duplicated, for technical reasons. See also FGD Template Prototype.


These must be used in a specific syntax! - ALL parameters must be given a value of 1, like:portal2=1. Only one game parameter can be used at once.

{{KV BaseAnimating|portal2=1}}


If you leave the parameter field empty (using no arguments), the template will automatically fallback to displaying keyvalues from the current default game.

All parameters for this template:

  • base- No game specific information are displayed, and base engine features only. (The Source 2013Source 2013 / <Source><Source><Source> iteration engine)
  • l4d - Set template KVs specific to Left 4 Dead. ('SystemLevelChoice')
  • l4d2 - Set template KVs specific to Left 4 Dead 2. ('SystemLevelChoice' + Glow backface)
  • as - Display keys present since Alien Swarm. ('SystemLevelChoice' + MoveType and CollisionGroup)
  • portal2 - [CURRENT DEFAULT] Display keys present since Portal 2. ('SystemLevelChoice' + MoveType and CollisionGroup + SuppressAnimSounds and various projected texture settings)

Refer to the Examples section for samples.


Show info specific to a game Left 4 Dead

This makes information relevant only to Left 4 Dead be displayed.

{{KV BaseAnimating|l4d=1}}

Show info specific to base engine

Information relevant only to base engine are displayed. (Source 2013Source 2013 / <Source><Source><Source>)

{{KV BaseAnimating|base=1}}

Using template defaults

Without using any arguments, the template fallbacks to a default, which is the latest Source game.

{{KV BaseAnimating}}

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