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I'm not sure if .mdl or files will load in Hammer 4.1, can anyone say for sure? --Octavio 21:33, 13 Dec 2008 (PST)

Updates on GoldSource support

I've updated the article to include a few notes, i've managed to get maps to work in Hammer 4.1, but there are some issues. As i noted in the article, textures show up as white, as do several entities. The fgd will need updating to work correctly with 4.1, or Hammer will need to be updated to support GoldSource better, which i and several others would support. I tried to compile the map i made as a test in Hammer 4.1, and i was eventually succesful by using CSG, BSP and VIS in place of BSP, VIS and RAD, so RAD would have to be run seperately.

In addition, only .map files load, attempting to get it to load .rmf files forcefully resulted in an error. .map files will NOT open after being closed, so you'll need to make maps in .rmf file type, then save as .map for compiling. I was unable to load the rmf file type in Hammer 3.5, as the file version is different. Only .map opened, allowing me to use it to fully compile the map.

I ask that VALVe add full support for GoldSource level design using Hammer 4.1, by better supporting the adding of GoldSource compile tools, such as ZHLT, and making the rmf version the same as the one used in Hammer 3.5. In addition, the compile tools did not understand that i was trying to compile a .rmf file, which needs to be fixed. The textures should render correctly, as should the entities. Support for older .mdl and .spr files would be good. I don't think it's too difficult to overhaul the support from the 3.5 beta. Solokiller 12:43, 23 August 2009 (UTC)