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I added GIMP directions

I recently created a minimap using GIMP. While the compression type I used works I'm not certain it's the best option. Perhaps someone more familiar with creating .dds files could look and see if there is a better option. --MrSkellyBones 14:52, 7 August 2013 (PDT)

cs_twilight problems with coordination pos_x and pos_y

Hi, I try to create a radar map cs_twilight but when I change the value of pos_x or pos_y or scale, nothing changes in the radar view in the game.
my txt code :

        "pos_x"		"-1069"				// X coordinate
"pos_y" "823" // Y coordinate
"scale" "2.30" // scale used when taking the screenshot

this part of code work fin :

"TSpawn_x" ""
"TSpawn_y" ""
"Hostage1_x" ""
"Hostage1_y" ""
"Hostage2_x" ""
"Hostage2_y" ""
someone can help me