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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


School: Source is a mod that puts you into the world of... well, high school. Below are the game types, MP will be released first.

MP: Basically Deathmatch. We will be working on other game types as well. You will basically spawn as one of about 8 player types (Emo, Nerd, Prep, Jock, etc.). With each of these player types will come different weapons.

SP: You lead a normal life. You go to high school, you have friends, etc. Nothing special. One day an enemy force invades the school, and nobody knows what they want. A battle erupts, everything looks bad for the students. "The enemy attacks the school. The teachers cower; the students don't." You lead a rebellion in an effort to bring back the normal life you had taken for granted.


  • 8 player classes
  • About 20 weapons
  • 5+ school-based maps
  • A "new and never seen before" HUD
  • Cell Shaded Graphics


ss_kolding - Work In Progress

ss_burnley - Work In Progress

First Beta Test (only the map)


  • Migedith - Leader/Texture/Model/Mapper
  • softboysxp - Coder
  • Kreig12 - Coder
  • Cipher_DK - GFX
  • Siberia - GFX
  • Pastry_Theft - GFX/SFX
  • sha0k4hn - Ideas/Story
  • P-Thunder. - Mapper/PR
  • -=BINGO-BANGO=- - Mapper
  • MG60 - Modeling
  • adamtehgreat - Modeling/GFX
  • Collision - Music
  • Spwn - Webmaster

Help is Needed

  • Player Modeler
  • Prop Skinner
  • Weapon Animator
  • Weapon Skinner

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