Multisource (GoldSource Engine)

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<Half-Life> Multisource is a point entity available in Half-Life.

Entity description

Multisource behaves exactly the opposite as multi_manager. Instead of receiving a single input and triggering multiple outputs, multisource recieves multiple inputs, and will trigger its target if and only if every entity that targets the multisource has triggered said multisource. For basic use cases, this is all you need to know.

This entity is also the only entity that can be used as a master.
(Entities that specify a master cannot be enabled unless their master is enabled.)

It can used be create mechanisms. For example: a keycard for a slot.


Name <targetname>
Name - If a name is given to this entity, it can be activated by another trigger.
Target <targetname>
Entity to activate.
Global entity name <targetname>
If this entity is used between multiple levels, all entities with this global entity name will have the same stats and properties.